Golf Tips from LPGA Legends

Get a quick tip before you hit the first tee this weekend.

Game Changers: Chip and Run with Juli Inkster

Trouble around the greens? Get it closer the first time with this tip...

LPGA Legend Juli Inkster demonstrates how to hit a chip and run - a green side shot using a lower loft wedge that is more forgiving than trying to fly it all the way to the flag stick.

Game Changers: Bunker Drill with Juli Inkster

Use this drill to help you hit behind the ball in the sand!

LPGA Legend Juli Inkster shares a simple drill in the sand to help you focus on hitting behind the ball and getting out of a bunker. "You have to hit down to go up," says Inkster, a member of the LPGA and World Golf Halls of Fame.

Game Changers: Chipping with Juli Inkster

Fine tune your fundamentals with an LPGA Hall of Famer!

LPGA Legend Juli Inkster takes you from set-up to execution for the perfect chip shot when you have to fly the ball over rougher territory using a 58-60 degree wedge.

Putt Better in the Wind

Make More Putts in Gusty Conditions

Two-time Legends Tour champion Alicia Dibos shares a quick tip on how to get more stable over putts when the wind blows.

Chip It Close!

LPGA Hall of Famer Sandra Haynie

Sandra Haynie demonstrates a simple set-up and stroke when chipping that will have you consistently getting the ball closer to the hole in no time!

Plan Your Shot

Plan, prepare and produce great golf shots with the proper thought behind your ultimate execution.

You're Holding A Tube of Toothpaste

Line It Up Right

Get Into An Athletic Position

Let the Club Do the Work

Dawn Coe-Jones

Sand Wedge: Keep Shaft Vertical

Short Putts: Beginning & Ending

Look at the Back of the Ball

Take An Extra Club, Swing Easy

Short Game, Short Game, Short Game

Relax Your Grip

Tempo: Just Slow It Down

Sherri Steinhauer

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