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Handa Cup rookie Meg Mallon partnered with Hall of Famer Patty Sheehan to earn a point for the U.S. in Saturday afternoon team play.
Peruvian Jenny Lidback outlasted Hall of Famer JoAnne Carner on Sunday to help the World team win singles play for the first time in Handa Cup history.

Back Row, L to R: JoAnne Carner, Meg Mallon, Lori West (Assistant Captain), Beth Daniel, Kathy Whitworth (Captain), Nancy Scranton, Patty Sheehan, Amy Alcott, Christa Johnson, Pat Bradley. Front Row, L to R: Cindy Rarick, Sherri Turner, Rosie Jones, Sherri Steinhauer.

2010 Handa Cup Results: U.S. defeats World, 27-21

Saturday AM Team Matches

U.S. World Score
Sheehan/Mallon Kane/Coe-Jones 2-Up, World, 2 pts
Rarick/Scranton Nicholas/Lidback 2 and 1, U.S., 2 pts
Alcott/Carner Stephenson/Dibos 2 and 1, U.S., 2 pts
Turner/Bradley Palli/Little 1-Up, U.S., 2 pts
Jones/Steinhauer Crafter/Nomura 3 and 2, U.S., 2 pts
Daniel/Johnson Harvey/Graham All Square, 1 pt each
    U.S. 9 : World 3
Saturday PM Team Matches
U.S. World Score
West/Carner Kane/Nicholas 3 and 2, World, 2 pts
Sheehan/Mallon Stephenson/Dibos All Square, 1 pt each
Jones/Steinhauer Lidback/Crafter 1-up, U.S., 2 pts
Daniel/Johnson Harvey/Coe-Jones 1-up, U.S., 2 pts
Rarick/Scranton Little/Palli 2 and 1, U.S., 2 pts
Turner/Bradley Graham/Nomura 2 and 1, World, 2 pts.
    U.S. 16 : World 8
Sunday Singles Matches
U.S. World Score
Nancy Scranton Lorie Kane 1-up, World, 2 pts
Christa Johnson Dawn Coe-Jones 3 and 2, U.S., 2 pts
Meg Mallon Alicia Dibos 1-up, World, 2 pts
Beth Daniel Mieko Nomura 3 and 2, U.S., 2 pts
Patty Sheehan Jane Crafter 7 and 5, World, 2 pts
Rosie Jones Sally Little 4 and 3, U.S., 2 pts
Sherri Steinhauer Jan Stephenson 7 and 5, U.S., 2 pts
Cindy Rarick Anne Marie Palli 7 and 5, U.S., 2 pts
Amy Alcott Alison Nicholas 1-up, World, 2 pts
Pat Bradley Gail Graham 1-up, World, 2 pts
Sherri Turner Nancy Harvey All Square, 1 pt each
JoAnne Carner Jenny Lidback 2 and 1, World, 2 pts
    U.S. 27 : World 21

Individual Records

2010 Handa Cup
Wentworth By The Sea CC
Rye, NH (near Portsmouth)
September 2-5, 2010
U.S. vs. World Match Play
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Charity: The First Tee of NH

Rosie Jones and Sherri Steinhauer were unstoppable all weekend; they teamed up for two wins on Saturday and dominated their singles matches on Sunday.
First time Handa Cupper Lorie Kane gave the World a much needed boost in the points column; she went undefeated in all her matches for six of the World's 21.

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